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Research is behind everything we do.

No other organization is dedicated solely to vision research and public education to combat genetic eye diseases that cause blindness.

Our Eye Opening Gifts are a great way for you to support vital eye research!

Why Eye Opening Gifts?

Your gift opens a world of possibilities for eye research — funding breakthroughs that will lead to new discoveries and treatments that can transform the lives of more than 1 million Canadians.

This unique gift shows your loved ones you really care! And... It's simple! Just click on the gift you would like to send and complete the information on the following page. You can select one of three e-cards that you can personalize or FFB can send a printed card in the mail to let your loved one know that they are receiving a gift of sight-saving research.

  • Sharing Vital Research Findings

    Sharing Vital Research Findings - $36

    Help us share our important research findings with individuals and families living with blindness. Our educational conferences, newsletters and website are powerful sources of knowledge. Your gift makes you the messenger!

  • Support a Gene Hunter

    Support a Gene Hunter - $250

    It's critical. Thousands of hours are dedicated to exploring DNA to identify genetic clues. Your gift will support that relentless search and help unlock the mysteries behind inherited vision loss.

  • A Brighter Future for Children

    A Brighter Future for Children - $50

    For children living with blinding eye diseases, breakthrough discoveries mean a future of unlimited possibilities. Your gift to research gives a child hope NOW.

  • Fund World-Class Research in Canada

    Fund World-Class Research in Canada - $500

    Your generous gift will enable teams of world-class Canadian scientists to continue their cutting-edge vision research. Now is the best time ever to champion the innovative science that will lead to breakthroughs in our lifetime.

  • The Gift of Independence

    The Gift of Independence - $75

    Vision loss jeopardizes seniors' independence. Your gift can lead to treatments to prevent vision loss and restore sight. Keep seniors active and living life to the fullest.

  • The Ultimate Eye Opening Gift

    The Ultimate Eye Opening Gift - $1000

    When you give a gift of this amount it is an extraordinary act of generosity. It shows you believe in the power of FFB research. Together we will find the cures for blindness. Your gift says, "I want to give more than one of these Eye Opening Gifts... I want to give them all!"

  • Providing the Right Tools

    Providing the Right Tools - $100

    Your gift ensures researchers have the essential tools such as test tubes, Petri dishes and microscopes. These tools are an important part of sight-saving science. Make sure scientists have the tools they need.

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