Celebrating 40 Years of Discovery

The Foundation Fighting Blindness is Canada’s largest and most productive charitable funder of visioCover Image Celebrating 40 Years of Discoveryn research. Over the past 40 years, Foundation donations have supported an impressive 202 research grants, amounting to a $25 million investment in ground-breaking science at Canadian hospitals and universities.

 in 2014, the Foundation Fighting Blindness undertook a detailed review of the progress made with our research funding. The resultant Report to our Donors provides detailed information about our achievements, about some of the discoveries made with Foundation funding and about how these discoveries are evolving into sight-saving therapies.

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Scientists funded by the Foundation Fighting Blindness have been part of many Canadian firsts. For example, Dr. Rod McInnes and Dr. Robert Molday were the first Canadian scientists to discover genes that cause inherited retinal disease, both with Foundation funding. Today, Foundation funding scientists are continuing to make new discoveries about the causes and effects of vision disease, while leading the way towards the discovery and testing of treatments for retinal diseases. Learn more about the specific scientific projects we fund in our current research section.

Partnering for New Treatments

As scientific advances have begun to suggest therapies, the Foundation faces a new challenge - to help promising discoveries evolve into viable treatments.  This is a costly effort that often involves teams of experts. Over the past 10 years, the Foundation Fighting Blindness has made partnerships with government and other non-profit funders on large-scale, treatment-focused research projects.

Research partnerships allow bold action on therapies while maximizing the power of donor investments. By combining funds with likeminded partners, a $1.7 million investment by Foundation donors has generating over $10.8 million for the study of retinal disease treatments. Learn more about our strategic partnerships.



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